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About Us!

Lorne-Host of the show and guy that takes everything a little too serious. Also known as "Cocky Bastard". An avid fan and listener of many podcasts and sports fan. Lorne also does most of the communicating with other shows and listeners. @Lorne_dirt


Josh(Low-T Boy)- The guy that no-one cares about. He runs the mixer and reads the news, He's like the little cog that could. Every show needs someone like josh. He is kind and his Testosterone levels are astonishingly low. 



Mike(Unholy One) - March 14, 1990

A day which will live in infamy. On this day the Un-Holy one was born. It is unclear where the exact origin of this ruthless creature  is. Some speculate he was born into a pack of wolves in the Northern United States, but most just say he was born in the desert, the son of an abusive alcoholic hungarian immigrant. After teaching himself to shave with a buck-knife he joined the United States Army, where he learned to have no regard for other peoples feelings and turning off all emotion except for anger and hate. He uses marijuana in an attempt to calm his anger but usually mixes in too much alcohol and makes things worse. Each day is a blessing to him because it means he has lived through all the bullshit once more without opening a vein or putting a bullet in his head. He aspires to be a dictator and take over the world so he can smoke un-godly amounts of pot and drink until he blacks out without anyone bitching at him.



Luke (The Drifter/Asshole)

Asshole. Piece of shit. Misogynist. Racist. All of these names, and more have been used to describe him, but only one rings true: STAR. From his silky voice to his devilishly good looks, Luke embodies PERFECTION. He'll make you laugh, he'll make you cry, but most of all: He'll make you want MORE. He's the man you want to be and the man your girl wants to FUCK. He's BOLD, he's BELLIGERENT, and he's the reason you tune in every week.




Adam (Official/Unofficial Member)

About as much of an asshole as Luke, if not more. Loud and hates bullshit. Enjoys the finer things in life, like good food, expensive clothing, and high-end hookers. Highly successful business owner. Self-made, self-paid.